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Connor was six weeks old when I took his pictures. He is a wiggly little guy with bright eyes and lots of love to give. I haven't forgotten about him since I've been there, and I told his mother I'm coming back for another visit. I want to hold him again.


He has red hair. And his expressions are too much.









I offered to print up a baby announcement for them, and Elsa had already taken care of that long ago (I should have known 🙂 ), but she didn't have enough of the first batch, so she took me up on my offer.




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  • That second one down! Is he precious- just wanna sqeeze him.

  • very precious!

  • I really saw my kids in that second one. Now that I read Juli’s comment I feel like I’m just cashing in on his cuteness. We’ve seen the Anderson boys, but I see Nell in that one too.

  • tina, i see your kids too…but in the first one I see Frank.


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