Anders and Allison

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Anders graduated from Tech in December. He married his beautiful high school sweetheart in January. Now, after their honeymoon, they’re moving into their first home together and he is starting his new job as an engineer.

It has been fun watching them grow up. They’re kind and sweet and a pleasure to know.

Their wedding day started out cold. Two advantages to a cold January day in the CC: snow on the pines and the sun peeking out.


I headed over to Jen and BJ’s for breakfast.


Alan had the morning paper out.


And Lenny was helping mom.


The wedding party rolled in from the hunting camp to a nice hot breakfast.



I then made my way up to the church, where the ladies were getting ready.  Allison’s cousin, Laura, is a very talented hair dresser. She was there, taking care of the bride.


I had my Sophia help me out with this wedding. She took this shot, among others throughout the post.




Allison’s Aunt Kim made the cake.







The weather was blustery and overcast one minute, and sunny with no snow the next.


Fun bridesmaids!!



Allison’s bridal gown was one the prettiest that I have ever photographed.









Allison’s mom, Pam, wasn’t going to miss a moment of the day. I enjoyed watching her and Savannah, the flower girl and her granddaughter, together.


Soooo cold, but the sun! The sun! I don’t get to shoot in the sunshine very often in the winter.


Savannah with her aunties.






















We met in Calumet for the first look. I didn’t fully intend for the CHS to be in the background, but it was the only part of the parking lot that had a little protection from the wind. And Allison commented at one point that they were high school sweethearts, so I went with that theory (and tried to avoid that high school background for most of the pictures 🙂 ).






It really is a cool place to shoot!















This picture is so neat how the snowdrift on the roof framed the angle of Anders’s head, and the green boards of the door framed Allison’s. Not to mention everything else about the picture. One of my favorites.


Allison’s veil had a life of it’s own.



Then sun again.








They were all so good about having fun despite the cold.


Sophia’s angle. 🙂




Anders and his friends: David, Luke (my nephew), Anders, Fred and Daniel (David and Daniel are twins).




This alley had me squealing with delight.








Anders’s brothers, Drew and Lenny, were the ushers.


Molly, Karissa, Allison, Carlye and Amy. I was there to photograph both Karissa and Amy’s big days. It made this day all the more special. I love the Aho’s.




Best friends, both having weddings in 2018.



Grandma Aho wasn’t going to be able to make it to the wedding, so Allison really wanted to go and say hi to her. What a very sweet part of the day.




Sophia stayed back at the church and captured moments like Kelly’s uncles sneaking her a treat.




Breelyn (correct me if I spelled her name wrong)









I simply love candlelit ceremonies!!







































The bridesmaids asked to grab a picture with their talented seamstress. She made their dresses. WOW!

I adore Matt and his Cami. She looks JUST like he did at that age, except a girly version.







I really like Isaac and Ben. They’d rather be fishing or hunting, but here they are, all dressed up.















sweet Josie











And just like that, everyone is waving goodbye, and it’s all over. So bittersweet.

Allison and Anders, it was such a great day. I love how you spent your moments on things that counted and enjoyed everyone that came.




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