I’m offering two photography classes soon!

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I have two Saturday photography classes coming up, and there is still space in both of them! The first one will be on January 27th, which is less than two weeks from now. I have room for one more person in the 27th class. The second one will be on February 10th, which is in a little less than a month. The second class still has plenty of space.

The classes are four hours long, and I pack a lot in. I did one in October, and it was a HUGE success. I loved the ladies that joined, and as far as I know, they all had a great time and learned some new things about their cameras.

This class is for those people that own a camera that has all kinds of whistles and dials, and they are wondering what some of it might mean. They see pictures online with cool, blurry backgrounds, or moving subjects that are caught in perfect focus, and they are left wondering if their cameras are capable of doing more than what auto does for them.

My goal when teaching a class is to introduce people to manual settings. I enjoy teaching about photography immensely.

I also teach about natural lighting, positioning (which is SO important), and lenses.


This was my October group. Top l-r: Julie, Ginger, Holly, Barbra, Nikki, Laura, Jill, bottom l-r: Kristen, me, Laura, Marissa


Sophia and her friends were a big help. They even did this drawing on the chalkboard for me!

We had plenty of snacks and drinks.


And so much talk and learning about PHOTOGRAPHY. What a great way to spend an afternoon!



Marissa had her baby along, so we had an adorable model.


When babe needed to be fed, Aliisa stepped in.




Trina, Jillian and Sophia pretended they were a family with the babe for this picture.









Sophia took over my camera for a while.


The class was during the last weekend of October. There was a fresh layer of snow, so we went to the cemetery to get some pictures of the snow laden branches.













She is so sweet. This is Marissa’s picture that she sent later after they had gotten home.


And one of Gemma that I took the next day as the snow melted.


Some of the above pictures are Laura Narhi’s, Nikki L’esperance’s and Marissa Aho’s.


If you are interested in the class, contact me at 369-2314, brita@britacarolinephotography.com or on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you!


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  • I loved this class and learned so much! I would recommend anyone take it! Thanks again, Brita


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