Keegan and Rienna/Calumet, Michigan/December 23rd, 2017

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Keegan and Rienna got married on the day before Christmas Eve. This wasn’t their original plan. They were initially going to get married in November. Then it switched to the beginning of December. Then, finally, Keegan was able to get away from the army for Christmas, so their wedding date became the 23rd. It was the perfect date to get married, after all.

Perfect for them. Everything about the day seemed so perfect for them. It was coooold, but we expected that. And it only added to the coziness inside.


I loved the color scheme, navy blue and white.





And despite date changes and other setbacks, Rienna was simply giddy with joy. She was one of the happiest, most relaxed brides that I have ever worked with. NOTHING could dampen her spirits.



The flower girl dresses were precious.


And Rienna’s dress was beautiful.



The breakfast bar was nice. This is Jonna, Rienna’s sister.


And Adia, Rienna’s cousin, was a huge help all day. She was ironing the wraps for the bridesmaids here.



Elizabeth, Rienna’s cousin and best friend.  This is Abbey Halonen’s picture, along with a ton of others throughout the post. She second shot for me, and she had so many really great shots.


Abbey’s photo here too. She really had a way of capturing the kids. This is Juliette, Rienna’s little sister.


The other flower girl was Keegan’s niece, Paitynn. Sweetheart.


Abby, the hairdresser


The guys arrived with a little time to spare. Meet Chet, one of the groomsmen.




Chloe and Elizabeth had fun trying to figure out Rienna’s dress. 🙂




Keegan and Rienna gifted the flower girls with necklaces.


And slippers.


Rosalie was the other hair dresser.







the long awaited moment


I love the excited flower girls buzzing around.










Paitynn’s brother, Emmett, was SO cute.


They both did so good being a part of the wedding party.



Keegan’s parents arrived!



No kisses, please!













I loved the stamp on the coffee sleeves.



Cullen and Kurt helping each other out. 🙂



It was extremely cold out. We kept the outside stuff quick. (Chet, Jake, Kurt, Keegan, Chris, Cullen)




Chet is a tall man.


beautiful winter bride


Dana, Shannon, Jonna, Rienna, Elizabeth, Emma, Chloe






Dana made the sweetest junior bridesmaid ever.





Abbey’s close up of these three posing in the subzero temps cracked me up.




Jesse and Will, Rienna’s brothers and the ushers for the day.




Cooperation! Yay!






Rienna and Adia



If one of the earlier dates had worked out, this sweet babe would not have made it to the wedding. 🙂



Abbey’s shot of the same moment of mother and daughters.





Lynn and I are childhood friends. It made the whole day extra special for me.


Cullen, Sawyer, Emmett



sweet Tori


I enjoyed watching all of the kids fuss over baby Charlie.









Abbey snuck this hilarious candid.












same name



I went to grab a few photos of the groom and groomsmen in the back shortly before 1pm, which was wedding time. In hindsight, I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me that the minister wasn’t back there with them. But the thought simply didn’t cross my mind.








It was at about this point that these three just quit walking on their way down the aisle. Emmett had a very important story to tell, and Juliette wasn’t moving unless the other two were.


So Dana came to nudge them along.


That worked.





Everything was running along quite smoothly, but it was right about now that we began to realize that the minister wasn’t there. He simply was not in the building. Lynn, in the front row, had realized as soon as the guys walked out without him. And she told Keegan, the groom. So it’s right here that they’re telling the others. Lynn had already turned around and told Trudy, Rienna’s aunt, and Trudy’s daughters had already jumped into action, one of them notifying the organist to keep on playing Christmas music, the other rushing to call Dave, the minister. Dave was luckily home. With all of the date and time changes that had taken place, he thought that the wedding was at 5pm, not 1pm.

So once the word got the Lynn that he was on his way, she was able to relax.


And so were the others. lol. They ended up sitting down in the front benches to wait.




Tori thought it was great fun.


We sang and we sang, waiting for Dave to arrive.


And he did. The smell of the garlic bread and lasagna was wafting through the church by this point, but we all put our hungry bellies aside for the ceremony, everyone feeling so happy that after all of the date and time changes that had taken place, Keegan and Rienna were finally having their turn at the alter.
























These boys hid well every time either Abbey or I would walk by. Abbey’s action shot here…









Jocelyn’s adorable baby


And Sara’s Reid







The brothers have matching cold hunches.




Jesse and Josie





This is Keegan’s friend that came all the way from New York, only to miss the ceremony. I’m so glad he made it in time to see the bride and groom and wish them well, anyway. What a guy, making that long drive.









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  • Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding. All’s well that ends well in spite of the couple boo, boos. It is a wonder with all the postponements. Keegan’s friend from New York probably didn’t realize how really far the U.P. was north in Michigan, even after he got to Michigan from New York. I spotted two of Marne’s children in the pictures. All the little ones were really adorable.


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