our September trip to Fowlerville

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My sister, Katie, and her family moved from Mohawk to Fowlerville in June. We finally got there to see them in their new house in September. When we planned the trip, we decided to plan it on a weekend when the Tigers were in town. After our trip, I loaded all of the pictures to my blog album to blog it, and then I got really, really busy meeting deadlines of all shaped and sizes. So the pictures sat waiting.

But yesterday, for the first time since last May, I got all the way caught up on my editing. I still have emails to send out and flash drives to deliver, but the editing is done.

So it’s trip to Fowlerville time!


We left after school on a Thursday, so by the time we got to the bridge, it was dark.



We stopped at a nice motel in Mackinaw City for the night. James and Mr. Tiger the Tiger settled in nicely.


There’s nothing quite like a continental breakfast at a motel. It’s just such a treat.











James got a whole pop to himself for posing in this picture. And since he did, they all did, even the surly teenagers that were still in their hotel room.





We got a chance to enjoy Mark and Heidi’s pool when we arrived in town on Friday evening.




We swam again on Saturday.


And some of us snuck in some shopping.



Then we made our way to Detroit to tour the downtown area.


Everyone made sure they had their Tigers gear on for the big game.


And Twins gear….:) Aliisa and Hans were the lone Twins fans.


The city buildings are beautiful!!










This is the building that my brother in law, Keith, works in.



These two. <3






When we talked about the trip on the way home, a lot of the kids picked the ride in the rail car as their favorite part of the whole trip. It was cool. It took us above the city on a tour of a few blocks, even the Detroit River.



It was Hawaiian shirt night at the game.


It was also blazing hot, almost 100 degrees, and we were in the direct sun. HOT hot hot.


We kept guzzling water and running out and drinking yet more water.


It was pure relief once the sun set behind the stands. Then the summer warmth was a beautiful thing.







James looks happy here, but he had a major meltdown in that heat. I wondered why we didn’t take Heidi up on her offer to keep him over there….



My favorite picture of the whole weekend




In the end, the Twins won, and Hans and Aliisa went home happy. Aliisa had said, “It will be SO humiliating if the Tigers win.” So at the end, Maddy told her, “Aliisa, now you won’t have to be embarrassed.” <3


We were packing up the next day when Katie and Keith were getting ready for church. Dollies.



We made a quick stop at the Capitol in Lansing on the way home.






Hans (very uncharacteristically) bought iced coffee drinks all around.









And a good fun playground stop is always necessary.





Charlie took this picture.




This trip was one of the highlights of our summer. I’m so glad we went.




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