Kenton and Alyssa/ Eagle River, Michigan/ August 12th, 2017

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I would be happy if every wedding that I ever photographed took place outside. Even happier if they were all on the shores of Lake Superior. The perfect weather definitely helped everyone’s mood, though. 🙂 It was seriously perfection. A nice breeze in the sun, warm in the shade. Alyssa knew all along that it was going to be beautiful. Whenever anyone (including me) asked about rain day plans, she just said that it wasn’t going to rain. Friday was miserable and rainy all day, but sure enough, Saturday was perfect.







The cabin in Eagle River is the place that Alyssa spent her summers at, along with all of her maternal relatives and cousins. It was so special for all of them to be having the wedding there.







Alyssa’s brother, Paul, was huge behind the scenes that day. Wow. He was great.


I have my daughter Claire’s pictures mixed in with this post. This one is hers. I love her eye!!






Alyssa gave this as a gift to her parents. <3



At this point, the dress was still a secret from Kenton. I love this part of the day. The secrecy and protection going on. Him and his guys were getting ready at the cabin just across the road, so everyone was on guard.





Kenton is one of the kindest individuals that I have ever met. He is wonderful.











Who gets a shot like this on their wedding day? Not many. So fun.




The dog is named Bobee and has been a part of the Anttila’s life for years. So fun that he was a part of Alyssa and Kenton’s day.


Alyssa chose to read her letter from Kent by herself.




I actually had another talented shooter along too. Emma Stout asked about a week before Alyssa’s wedding if she could come along to a wedding, just to learn. Alyssa had no problem with her coming. I loved having both her and Claire there. They are both very good at what they do. The above picture is Emma’s.



These ones too..




Kenton read his note in privacy also. This was a really good decision on both of their parts. They both got a chance to absorb each other for that slice of time through their writing.



Paul’s comment right here will not be quoted on my blog. lol



Alyssa gave Shaya this gift for being a part of her big day.





It’s traditional to whack golf balls into the lake.



Except Paul missed his. 🙂






Sara was in charge of tying Grandma Torro’s hankie onto the bridal bouquet.







This was so cool. My dress totally matched their robes!! And I totally look their age!! Ha.






Alyssa’s mom, Julie, babysat Selena as a child. Julie said that it was her first time putting a necklace on Selena.  It’s not a regular occurrence for her to dress up.






Dress up time for the boys!





They weren’t so convinced on the no show socks.





I caught Levi fussing over the dog.







This picture is one of my favorites from the day.



In age order, they’re Charlie, Max and Jack.




Martha laughed all day. What a riot!









And first look time!






The above couple of photos are Emma’s from this vantage point. 🙂








One of my other top faves: Claire’s








Guests arrived as we took the pine tree pictures.











Bobee was going to pose, but he bugged out early.







Charlie did his job so well.





Alyssa wasn’t sure about this photo, but it happened anyway. 🙂







































Chloe and Chet are so cute.








I love love this grandpa.





This picture is so humorously how that part of the day was going for everyone.






Another behind the scenes person. <3



Back at the church, we were greeted with the smell of lasagna and garlic bread.



The décor matched the elegant beach theme well.















Julie with her coworkers, the third grade team.


Grandma and baby matched perfectly!















Alyssa is a teacher. In fact, today was her first day back in the classroom for the 17/18 year. She had a fun conversation with her grandpa’s friend, the retired Mr. Ellenich. He told her that in all of his years of teaching, he loved every single day of it. I had him when I went to high school. He did seem to love his job.


Someone told Julie that the decorations on the cake were edible. Haha!






Fuzzie, the happy dad. Originally, the bridesmaid dresses were going to be blush, but he said that a bright color was needed for the beach and blue water. They listened to him and switched. We all realized how right he was!








My thoughts on the day: It was one of my best wedding experiences ever. I love the Anttila’s and their candor and love SO much. The Longhini’s are also full of love. What a pair Alyssa and Kenton make! How special that the grandparents made it. I’m so glad that it all worked out so beautifully. And thank you, Claire and Emma!!


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