Traverse Bay camping

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We camped on Lake Superior with tents and no electricity this weekend. It was perfect.

Even Gemma helped us unpack on Friday evening.







We made the cooking as easy as possible. Pasties from IGA for supper on Friday.


Somebody help Gemma with her wood!





Fishing with a bald eagle













silly girl



The fish were jumping.


Aliisa and I enjoyed a beach walk at dusk.



I had a rough night with Gemma, so I missed Saturday morning’s beautiful sunrise, but Nate captured a nice shot.



fresh blueberries on yogurt for breakfast


Charlie was the most avid picker.









Lake Superior was refreshing!


We put together a hot rock sauna on Saturday morning.


Nathan tirelessly hauls Gemma around on his back.









Nathan was the only hammock sleeper on Friday night, so he was thrilled when Anderson’s got there on Saturday.


Matt snuck up on Gems during my clicking. Everyone but her noticed him. She was so excited to see him.



pretending we were going to nap





James and Jack…best buds






Sophia living the life




James and Jack munching on burgers



Hans and I took James and Gemma to Lea Judith’s baptism on Saturday evening. Most darling family ever: James and Amanda with Jane, Maezie and Lea.


For the record, we did not have another baby!! Lol. We just had a pic with Ms. Lea, our Godchild.




The grandmas took turns holding Lea.





Grandpa Jack



This is a phone pic, so a bit blurry, but Grandma Judy with Lea. She is so alert and smiley!

I woke up for the sunrise on Sunday morning and took pictures of sleeping kids. Every hammock was full.


Then they woke up to enjoy the sunrise too. Tina also joined.


Pic one: purposely out of focus


pic two: focused





Eric and Nate


Claire and Gemma



Aina Rose


Aina likes to do her own hair.



David got buried by these kiddos.






Otto and Eddie


Joe and Kathryn showed up!






She’s learning to strike a pose a little too much! 🙂


Mila loved the water!





These kids formed a club. Patrick, Jack, David, James






Mila dabs.




Sophia and Maija


Nell looking on




The weather was just perfect the whole time. The boys had the most fun fishing off of the pier. The girls loved swimming and reading comics and playing with the babies. The littlest ones couldn’t get over the novelty of it all. It was just a great weekend. Us parents even enjoyed the campfire fun at night! It’s been too long.







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  • Really enjoyed these photos as this was the first summer EVER that I didn’t make it home (and to our family’s camp at Little Traverse)! Summer just wasn’t the same without a jump into Lake Superior… so I lived vicariously through your pictures! Great job capturing the beauty of summertime at Traverse.


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