Tony and Georgia/ Copper Harbor, Michigan/ July 29th, 2017

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When I met Tony and Georgia and their son Nate at The Rosetta to talk about their wedding a few months ago, we had an instant connection. I loved their ideas for the big day. They wanted to bring everyone into it, even Georgia’s Texas sister (Go Pro streaming).

I went with my sister, Tina, up to their place on Lake Medora the Tuesday before their wedding.

I went to take pictures of Georgia with her puppy. She wanted to get some photos of him, but she didn’t want to worry about him on the big day. So I went early for that. Tina came along because her and Georgia were close friends almost 20 years ago, and they had lost touch! We were so floored, all of us, when we connected the dots.


We brought Ms. Mila along. Georgia loved her.






He even got a bow tie for his photo shoot.



The big day promised to be absolutely beautiful. I went with my 2nd shooter, Lela Rautiola, to get some photos of the church first.



This is Lela’s picture. She is a great photographer, and I’ll have more of her pictures throughout the post.


Back at the motel, the bride’s room was busy with activity, while the guys’ lay silent. They had run to town to pick up flowers. And for some reason, they don’t require piles of time like ladies do. 😉



We grabbed our opportunity of the groom being gone and hung the bridal gown right there in the window.





The dress needed a little fixing, so Faye was on the job there.


Wellll….most of the guys weren’t around…:)













The flowers arrived and were absolutely gorgeous!






just a quick repair


The guys were in full swing now after the flowers arrived. Time was of the essence!





Tony and Georgia exchanged letters.









I was excited about how this family picture turned out!




Tony was pretty excited at this point.




The church was filling up fast when we got there.



































After the ceremony, we headed to Hunter’s Point for some pictures. It was hot at this point, and everyone was drinking their water!


Lela Rautiola, photographer extraordinaire












We stopped at Lake Medora for a few quick photos.













And then it was on to the Miscowaubik Club for the reception.






The Miscowaubik Club is a photographer’s dream. SO many cool places to shoot.











Another quick dress repair! This time, the puppy hopped on Georgia’s train at the cabin.


















Georgia received a surprise plane ticket to go and visit her sister in Texas as a gift from Tony and Nate.






























Thank you for having Lela and I along on your big day. It all went so so good. Congratulations on your life together!








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  • Simply adoreable.Love them all. What a great day!!

  • What a fantastic wedding! Best wishes to this new phase of your life together!! XX Rod and Lynda


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