Sunday adventure to Point Abbaye

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We packed up and headed out on a Sunday adventure to Point Abbaye yesterday. We love it there and head out for a day trip every few years. The first time we went there was when Aliisa was a baby, and I had JUST started my photography business. I didn’t even go by the name Brita Caroline Photography yet at that point. It was all brand new and so exciting. I took a million pictures while we were there that time.


Yesterday was our third time back since then. And again, I took about a million pictures. As I thought about our perfect day on the way home, I realized that the novelty has not worn off yet for me! I still love photography with all of my heart. This realization brought me joy. One of the kids asked me as I lay on the rock clicking if I take pictures every day of my life. And I told that child that yes, I do. And I love doing it. I read somewhere once that there is always room for improvement, and if you want to improve, you have to pull your camera out every. single. day. Luckily, it’s a pleasure for me to do this, not a job.


When we first arrived, we interrupted this bird enjoying his solitude.


He didn’t immediately bug out. I was surprised how long he stayed, in fact!



The water level is much higher than the last time we were there!





Even Hans got involved!








It was so gorgeous there. It felt fake, or heavenly.




Daddy’s girls


My brother Dan came along. I simply love Dan.


They did a lot with the goggles and snorkel and Go Pro.



Even I gave the Go Pro a whirl. I loved it!



Now to learn video clipping and editing. 🙂 This is Charlie.


David’s photo skills








This pool of water got used all day. It really did have a hot tub effect. I even soaked in it for a bit.












Nate and Ed




Vollwerth’s for supper!


Patrick Arthur





Nate found a natural cup holder for his Sprite.






James. He’s either ALL joy or ALL miserable. There’s no in between. He was joyous when he swam in the pool.








How am I ever going to part with this one in September?? He’s excited to go to school, and I’m excited with him, but ackk. I can’t imagine him being gone from this house for much time at all, much less 40 hours a week.




Aliisa Rose


These two walk the same!


Eddie got pretty good at undoing snags.




Patrick and James had to share one fishing rod. James DID NOT like waiting his turn.


He paced and grumbled the whole time.


And Patrick kept saying, “Ten more casts!”



This picture is one of my favorites from the day.








Aliisa trying out the camera


And finally, after a looong wait, James’ turn.







an aeriel view of Point Abbaye






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  • I feel like I spent a good chunk of this year lamenting “WHYYY do we live up here??!!” Snow, mud, gray skies, bugs, no shopping……. Lately I’ve been awestruck by the beauty everywhere we turn. How are we SO fortunate to get to live here??!! A feast for the eyes! I love your pictures, makes me want to go see this spot for myself!

    • Truth!

  • Nice pics. Perfect family picnic spot. Why have I never been to Point Abbaye?

    • It’s a long drive down a two rut road, but so worth it in the end.

  • Looks like paradise! Gorgeous pictures Brita.

  • just getting to these pics! love this spot, love the pics


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