Lexie and Jozie/ June 2017

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Jennie asked me to take Lexie and Jozie’s pictures again this year. I am so thankful that she has me take them every year. And ONE OF THESE YEARS, I am going to take them up in their home state of Alaska. I can’t wait for that trip.

We started out at the KC Bonkers and Toys Coffee Shop. None of us had ever been there. What a cool place!







After the coffee shop fun, we went to that cute little park right there in Hancock. Another new stop for all of us.




She was so excited that she could touch the tree with her toe.





These kind of shoots are my favorite. And to tell you the truth, I think that years down the road, they will be the treasured pictures. But they just aren’t as popular as I wish they were. So I LOVE when someone is up for this kind of fun.











Jennie is such a gem.












Jozie is such a delight. She was avoiding me a little at the coffee shop, but by the end, we were having so much fun. <3



And Lexie is getting so old! You can tell that she has her own life a little bit now, her own school, her own friends. <3



And a couple from Katie and Travis’s wedding day.



Thank you, girls! Next time we get together, which will be soon, I’ll leave my camera at home. 🙂




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