our 4th of July Weekend

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We had a whirlwind weekend, traveling around to visit our relatives in different locations around Minnesota. Our first stop, after a quick night in Duluth at Michael and Jill’s, was the Wolf Lake Campground, where there was a birthday celebration for Virginia, Hans’s grannie.

We stayed at Keith and Janelle’s and visited the campground for both Saturday and a large part of Sunday. The weather was perfect. The kids swam, but us adults were fine in the breeze or the shade.



I think this little guy’s name is Wes. What a cute kid.


Nora and Troy’s Gavin was baptized, and Hans and I were kuumis, along with Reid and Morgan.


Darling Gavin





Hi Kent.


Janelle and Keith’s Monte was there camping too.


I grabbed some photos of my nephew, Trevor, on Sunday evening at his farm.






Thelma turned 4, so there was cake for her.





I couldn’t resist a quick shoot with Thelma and Gemma and the chickens. Thanks for your help, Devon! 🙂


After Menahga, we headed to Delano for the 4th. It heated up a lot, and the kids enjoyed Tim and Maryellen’s pool the whole time we were there.







We went to the famous Peppermint Twist on Monday evening for ice cream cones.


Lol, yummy! Kaarina works there, so we saw glimpses of her running around. What a very cool place!


I think the most excited part of trips for the toddlers is going to playgrounds that they’ve never been to before.




This is Neil.


And here’s Ray.





It was exciting being there for the 4th. Delano has the oldest, longest parade in the state. The heat didn’t deter our enthusiasm at all.


These two lucked out with themed headbands from a couple of Kyrstyn’s friends that ran by during the morning 5K race.




I felt for the drummers in the black pants suits.





Lydia and Rita joined us at the parade.


Back at Tim and Maryellen’s, we had a backyard BBQ. Tim was having fun channeling his Papa Hill here.










Dads that play are the best.





The fireworks show was like no other I’ve ever seen. There was a huge lightning show going on at the same time. God stole the show. The fireworks seemed insignificant agains that shooting lightning bolts that would light up the whole entire sky.



This is my favorite one. The sky was all lit up from the lightning.



She didn’t know what to make of the whole show, so Daddy’s arm was the place to be.


Yesterday got hotter and hotter as we drove towards home. Once we hit the UP, we couldn’t resist dipping into our favorite lake. Home sweet home.


James kept everyone in stitches with his one liners all day.





Daddy’s girl




I’m so glad that summer is here.


And I’m so thankful for these kids for keeping us young at heart.


Happy 4th of July, everyone! Charlie, Eddie, Nathan


Enjoy the rest of the summer!





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  • So fun to see so many familiar faces! Love the pics of Trevor

  • WOW the fireworks! So cool 🙂 My favorite is also the firework with all the clouds and lit up sky.


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