Thomas and Laura; June 10th, 2017

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I made a trip to Minneapolis for a Tom and Laura’s wedding on the first weekend of summer. There was so much good about the experience. My birthday was on the 9th, Marne was coming along with, and I only had Aliisa and Gemma in the backseat. The weather was summery and warm (which we haven’t had too much of yet in the UP), and it felt good to be battling the heat for once.

Road trips with Marne are the best.


We started out the day earlier than usual because of the expected heat wave. It was supposed to be topping out at about 97 degrees. The early morning light was lovely to work with.


Jana Eskola of Jana Kathleen Photography was my 2nd shooter. I always enjoy having Jana along. This time was especially cool because she’s cousins with Tom, the groom. The above picture is her’s, along with more that I’ll be sharing.




I loved the long veil!







Laura’s sister, Michelle, is a huge reader.




I really enjoyed the Tormanen family’s camaraderie.




The flower girls, Lily and Olivia, are Laura’s youngest sisters. They show up in a lot of the pictures. 🙂


tired girly


Amanda and Hannah got the cake all set up.




Tom showed up outside to get his flower pinned on.


He lent a hand where he could before diving back into his air conditioned car.


Meanwhile, the girls were admiring the bride.



Clockwise, starting with Laura: Laura, Ashley, Kristina, Olivia, Lily, Amanda, Hannah, Michelle


And Brenna, the hair magician.



Maya, Laura’s niece, was beyond precious. My only regret of the day was not having more time to follow her around with my camera. Luckily, Jana had that covered. Not to mention the Tormanens and their cameras. 🙂


The girls showing off their finery to dad.


This is almost always my favorite time of the day. The first time that the bride sees herself as an actual bride.












Tom’s mom, Amy, made the garter, using Tom’s blue baby blanket as the soft inside of it. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, all in one. SO neat.




While Laura got dressed, the girls discovered that their dresses really fluff out with a good twirl.









Mike, Laura’s dad, was super excited to see his oldest daughter as a bride.



Mom was too. Kena, Laura’s mom, is my age. We both have families of 12, with the ages of our kids being somewhat similar. I loved visiting Kena throughout the day.


We met Tom at a park on the lake. There was a breeze. That breeze, even though it was a hot air, saved us.














They just couldn’t be sweeter. Laura is so expressive, waving her hands around with her stories, and Tom is head over heels in love with his Laura.

















Tom had a great group of friends, grinning and bearing the heat.










Laura with Amy and Courtney, the personal attendants and her very close friends



Laura’s brother, James and Matthew, were the ushers.



Tom and Aaron


l-r: Andrew, Eric, Jeff, Tom, Gordon, Aaron


They all cheered when I suggested taking off the suit coats.

















Erin and Willy













Eight girls! Lucky.


Once we were back inside of the air conditioned church, we all collapsed for a while. Since we had started early to beat the heat, we had time to just rest. That was really, really nice. Jana and I had a nice lunch, and we got a chance to visit with the family some more.















The ushers lit the candles for pictures. Good idea!






the oldest six





Grandpa had his own fancy camera.  I love when there are more cameras clicking. It’s impossible for me to capture each meaningful moment and guest!





Aaron takes responsibility for the ring.




I ran into the back where the guys were gathered just moments before the ceremony.





Lots of emotion packed into this picture!





























The Tormanen’s hair dresser and good friend came to the wedding. She was a dear. This was the moment when she spotted the flower girls.








I felt kind of guilty about sneaking these shots. Here Tom put his hand up to block Grandpa from getting the kiss. Only kind of guilty, though. 🙂










writing her new name for the first time




















Tom was aiming at Andrew from the beginning.


He really had no choice.







Thank you, Tom and Laura, for everything!! Your wedding weekend was great in every way. THANK YOU THANK YOU.


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  • It was fun to see Mike and Kena’s family and all of the wedding pictures. They have such a beautiful family!

  • Pictures were beautiful, Brita. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding – the flower arrangements were exquisite. They matched the girls dresses perfectly. It was nice to be able to share in such a happy event for the Tormanens and Keranens all the way in Minnesota through your pictures.


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