Travis and Katie; May 27th, 2017

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Travis and Katie got married on a beautiful Spring day. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky.

Katie had her cousin, Liz Witt, there shooting all day, and I came in for 4 hours in the middle of it. So a lot of these pictures are Liz’s. She was so much fun to work with.



I snapped this shot right before Katie stepped outside to meet her groom. She is wearing her mother’s veil. And she’s standing in her mother’s kitchen. <3
















Katie’s sisters, Jennie and Sherrie, were there to celebrate every moment with her.


And Lexie. 🙂


The hankie was her something old.



And the hankie came into use…<3




The flower girls were so sweet. This is Aurora hugging Katie hello after she got all dressed up.



The wedding was on Memorial Day Weekend.



We headed to Lake Superior first for pictures. Aurora, Jozie and Lexie



Nick ended up being one of the personal attendants, just because he was close by and friendly. What a guy!




I’m so glad we stopped at the lake. It was windy and cold, so we didn’t last too long, but the pictures that we got in the time that we were there are really nice.







We moved over to a beautiful Liminga field after the lake. It was the perfect Springy place.





This picture cracks me up. Both Katie and Hannah went to kiss each other’s cheeks, which made for an ALMOST lips kiss!




Amanda is my sister-in-law. She and Katie are cousins and childhood friends.










Do you remember Hannah and Ben’s wedding from the wintertime? <3


There I am in my element with the bride and groom! Thanks so much for thinking of taking this shot, Liz.





Then it was family picture time!



Not only are these boys the coolest kids around, but their names are too! Denver on the left, Clint on the right.


And beautiful Hayden



All of the Moe grandkids











These kids are Katie’s nanny children. It meant a lot to Katie and Travis that their family came from the city.














James and Amanda with Jane and Maezie





This is my favorite picture of Liz’s. PURE JOY








It was such a great day for all of us. May you always be blessed richly, Travis and Katie. <3


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  • These pictures make me smile. Travis is a carbon copy of his dad with the same grin that can light up any room. Love it.

  • Beautiful pictures Brita!! (and Liz!)

  • Beautiful pics


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