Alyssa and Kenton

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I did engagement pictures with Alyssa and Kenton a couple of weeks ago.

I had already gotten together with them to plan their August wedding, and we had SUCH a great time then. I knew the engagement shoot would be pure fun.


They were nervous that they wouldn’t be able to relax in front of the camera. And I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to capture their special love. I quickly realized that the nerves were for nothing. This was the 2nd shot I took of them.




We did the shoot at her grandparents’ house in Traprock Valley. It’s a fabulous place for pictures!



It was still pretty wet out, but we ventured into the apple orchard anyway.






I had been using my 50mm lens, which I dearly love and use most of the time, but I switched to my 85 here. I’m glad I remembered to use both.




We had so many laughs that evening.


And then they would fall into a pose like this.




We were excited to incorporate the birch trees a little bit because she is going to have birch as part of her beach wedding.










Thanks for the great evening, Alyssa and Kenton!


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