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I’m thinking that I might want to call this post Gemma. She has a way of showing up in the majority of pictures taken around here…what am I going to do when I don’t have babies and toddlers to photograph? Oh my. I’ll be stalking friends and relatives.

Patrick turned 6 on May 2nd. I kept him home from school this year, and I will always be thankful that I made the decision to hold him. He had a magical year of playing in the yard with James. Seeing it come to an end now makes my heart ache a little. In the summer, they get busy doing whatever the big kids are doing, and then next year, he’ll hop on the big yellow bus! No more Pat and James all day every day. 🙁


We bumped into David making food deliveries when we went to the Hut for Patrick’s birthday.





Gemma wouldn’t let go of Sophia’s hair in these pictures. She thought it was great.









The boys catch and release the big turtles over and over again, but it’s a rare event to catch this little baby one. When they do, they haul him around for hours before they let him go again.



This girl has got the pout absolutely nailed.


We took the kids to the circus for the first time in years.





We went to Eagle River one evening, and I got sidetracked my moving water. When I got back to the van, I found Patrick waiting for me like this.












We went to Bond Falls on Mothers Day. Nice!














Claire took this picture. <3


The Spring music programs happened.






I went to Great Sand Bay with Claire and her new camera one evening.





Gemma was hogging the lion from James one evening on a walk.





He threw in the towel for ever having his lion again at this point.




Eddie ran in his 5th grade track meet.




Aliisa and her cousins had a sleepover complete with caramel apples.



Way too quickly, we were mowing our lawn.








Last week, I dressed up Ms. Gemma to try to capture the endless forget me nots in the hidden fields and forests around Fulton.






Aliisa’s pants blend in with the flowers! 🙂











Then we walked around Fulton with the camera.







I enjoyed a bonfire with my sisters on Friday night.





And yesterday, Sunday, we enjoyed two beaches and a playground with our Sunday Funday crew.


So fabulous! 🙂


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  • I love all of Gemma’s expressions! SO adorable!

  • Aww! Sweet Gemma!!


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