Aron and Miranda; May 20th, 2017

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My wedding season started last Saturday with Aron and Miranda’s wedding. That first wedding of the year is such a great experience. As a photographer, you go in not totally sure that you’re qualified to be a wedding portrait photographer. The drive there is somewhat torturous, as you check and recheck your mental list and worry about all of the ridiculous what ifs.

{Did you know that wedding photographers have wedding nightmares? My repeat nightmare is that I have everyone posed and smiling, waiting for me to click, I go to click the button, and the camera won’t work. Nope. The button just won’t click. It pushes down softly, but won’t click the picture. It’s a terrible nightmare, and I’ve had it many, many time.}

So Miranda and Aron were my firsts. And it went fantastically. And I remembered all over again that I LOVE MY JOB. It’s just so special to be there, with the bride and groom, on the biggest day of their lives. It never gets old.


I arrived shortly before the first look.



Miranda didn’t walk to her groom. She ran. It was the cutest thing ever.


This picture and many more are from my second shooter and niece, Jana Eskola. She goes by Jana Kathleen Photography and Facebook and Instagram. Look her up! She is really, really good at capturing moments.







This picture is mine. The above one is Jana’s.






The pin cherry blossoms were starting to bloom, and they were beautiful.


corsage time



This is Lydia, Aron’s sister and one of the bridesmaids. Pretty girl.


Miranda is from a family of 16. Her siblings were super excited about the wedding day.


Two of the groomsmen, Andy and Paul.


The flower girls found the karaoke set. 🙂


And here is the groom and his guys, all dressed up and looking snazzy. From left to right: Miranda’s brother Caden, Brad, Paul, Aron, Andy, Lukas, John and  Miranda’s brother Kyler.






These three are brothers.


The twins have no idea how absolutely charming they are. What a pair!


Andy was up for a great selfie.


They tried to get Brad involved.


These two shared secrets all day. 🙂


All of ’em. I loved loved the color combo.


Sometimes the young ones are the ones that won’t look and smile. Not this time…:) Kidding. They were all great.


And just in case the above photos gave you the impression of warmth….it wasn’t warm. Good thing for the shawls!


Aubrey is the baby of Miranda’s family. What a doll!


The other two are Aron’s sister Aina and Miranda’s other sister Mindy.


Andy was fun.



This photo here was Deanna Hillstrom’s idea. I think I’m going to have a really hard time topping this photo with my 2017 weddings. Or ever! Thanks, Deanna!


Then Kristina suggested this. SO cool.



And Jana’s shot from behind the flower girls. Aina couldn’t resist holding her bouquet up like the bride.


Deanna, Miranda’s sister



Rebecka and Alena




Miranda and Abbi



I simply love the details. Look at the bracelets and rings on those little girls!!





They were striking a model pose here, but something went majorly wrong in the back. I suspect Kristina….:) Left to right: Mary with an adorable baby bump, Deanna, Miranda, Kristina, Lydia and Heidi


The sisters were relentless. 🙂  Miranda went along with it all with a big huge grin.








Serious, ladies! And only your eyes!


Almost perfect. But something about this shot got me. I love how Deanna’s whole face is showing.




And family photo time!














Back at the church, it was already almost wedding time!




Aron’s baby sister Erica







Jana’s iconic selfie shot
















Aina. One of my top faves of the day.


And this is Lydia with my David!! <3










Thank you thank you, Aron and Miranda. I’m so glad we met. Come over for coffee next time you’re in town.


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  • Love all the pictures Brita! And what a great couple 🙂
    (P.s. You did mix up Caden and Kyler in the guys shot. ☺️ Caden left, Kyler right.)

    • Thanks, Beth! Corrected.

  • One would never think of the beauty that can be had when you drive by those tall pine trees.Really sets the photos off. Colors were so pretty …I love the look that was captured when her Dad was getting to walk her down the isle and the one where she was hugging her husband…ready to start a new life together. Beautiful wedding!

  • david and lydia soooooooooooooo cute


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