BCP Weekend 2017

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I went into this weekend with total 100% certainty that it was going to be the last time that I had one of these weekends. I had a lot of people sign up and then back out for a whole host of reasons, and I was letting it throw me off. I thought, “Just not worth the shaking self confidence! I’m going to be done after this!” But then these smiling ladies came along, and they were so eager to learn their cameras and so excited to be there. And I realized again just HOW MUCH I love to share this passion of mine. So yep, I’m doing it again. I’m still not sure if I’ll do it next October or next March. We’ll see how it goes.

Molly, Brooke, Natalie, Becky, Megan and Isaac, me and Deb


We picked apart cameras and manuals…


We talked about which button to press for which setting….


We took still life, window lit shots…


I taught them how to do moving water pictures…


We went on a field trip to the Coast Guard boat close by….


And we went to admire the waves on Lake Superior that day.


It went so great! Mainly because the ladies were so excited to learn! We reviewed examples of wide angle versus macro, talked about full frame and cropped frame cameras, tried all kinds of different lighting situations, and had lots of good laughs and good food.


This is an awesome home that I found on vrbo. It’s fairly new on their site. It has a lot to offer for fun, and the girls loved it! It worked perfectly for our weekend.


No one I safe from viewfinders on this weekend. This is one of Claire’s photos.


Claire again


Megan’s Isaac was such a fun model over the weekend. We used him a lot, and he couldn’t have been a better fit for the job.


Megan’s shot


Megan also took this one that first evening. We had a fun sunset show right there at the house that we really enjoyed trying stuff out with.





Claire took this one of me.


We used some of the house décor for still life props. 🙂





Becky’s moving water picture…..Becky, you are going to LOVE waterfalls now!


I wanted to show the ladies some side lighting by the window, and this is the expression that I got from Aliisa. Lol. I think she might be sick of my camera.


Luckily, Isaac woke up from his nap. This crazy good black and white is Molly’s.


Also Molly’s


And Megan’s


Becky took this picture when we went to visit the Alder.




Megan’s pic


I showed them how to find light in the eyes in open shade. Becky caught Brooke’s light here.


Brooke caught me blabbing on and on. My voice was a bit raw by the end of the weekend. 🙂


We did some pictures on the dark trails at McLains.


Megan got some really sweet ones of her babes here.





Becky took this one and the following ones.





And here are some of Molly’s:






I simply love seeing styles emerge. Brooke learned from the weekend that she really wants a macro lens. She loves close ups of color and texture.


This one of Brooke’s is one of my favorites.


We headed back to the warm house to hot pasties at supper time. YUM! Thank you, Holly! My sister-in-law, Holly, has a Facebook page named Holly’s Homemade. Look her up! Try her pasties, nissu and juustoa (sp? squeaky cheese).


We went back to McLain’s the 2nd night for the sunset. We got there after the sun had already sunk into the big lake, but sometimes, the afterglow pictures are the best anyway. We had so much fun on this run, despite the cold. Megan took this picture….


and this one. Manual settings are just so much fun!


Deb put on her lens that zoomed out to 200, and she got the following shots:




Right here, Megan was laying in the sand, and Aliisa and Rita stumbled into the picture. How precious!!


Deb’s picture from on her belly. I love!


I found this adorable couple (sorry for intruding on your solitude!) to photograph.



And Aliisa was a little more cheery about posing when she had a friend.




Thanks, Megan, for this picture of me and Claire!






I had to get a picture of these girls and their sundaes on Sunday morning.



Megan and I had a good laugh over these shots. You are never too young for a BCP Weekend! All ages welcome. Anyone can learn!


And a few more of Isaac from Megan that last morning.



Thank you, all, so much for coming! I can email you any of these pictures in a printable format if you want any of them. Let me know!


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  • Beautiful pictures!

  • Oh my, how fun!!! And how I miss that weekend totally dedicated to picture taking, good company, laughs and a little me time!!!

  • What fun. Makes me long for another photograph weekend!

  • Wonderful shots, Brita. I am sure the ladies learned a lot from your class. With all the shots and area you had to have covered, I especially liked the Isaac pictures and the nature shots. The pasties looked deelish also.


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