The Pelli’s

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I lucked out this past summer and got a chance to hang out with the Pelli’s for the evening. It ended up being a busy day for me, because I chaperoned the confirmation kids at Little Traverse first, then headed to Mike and Georgia’s rental cabin in Big Traverse. But after doing this for 8 years now, I’ve learned that I operate best this way. I jam a bunch into a few days, then I leave days or a week open with nothing scheduled. My energy works this way. So it made sense to do both the chaperoning and the Pelli get together in the same evening. They were located only miles apart, after all.

And luckily for us, the weather cooperated. It didn’t seem like it was going to as I drove out to the beach with a vanfull of boys. The rain clouds moved in and we got poured on. But thanks to the internet and the weather radar, I could see that we’d be fine for pictures. It was a quick one.


The Confirmation class lucked out with the weather too! When we first got there, we thought we were in for a long evening of hanging out under the pavilion. But this is what we got!


Once I moved around the point to Big Traverse, I started the shoot out with Kristin and Dave’s family. She was the one that I had been in touch with, and she hired me for both her family’s photos and the big group shot. They’re from Texas. They were super excited about beach photos (besides the black flies 🙂 )



Madison is graduating in a few short weeks now. We did her senior photos that evening.


The sisters are so cute together. Their names are Madison, Kenzie, and Ellie (Eleanor, after Kristin’s maternal grandmother).




I love hanging out with Kristin. She’s such a positive person.





And here they are, Linda and Dave with all of their children and grandchildren. What an occasion! They had the sauna going, the food was plentiful and delicious, and everyone was just really enjoying themselves.



Mike and Georgia, Dave and Kristin, Linda and Dave, Carol and Steve, and Jamie and Brad



Mike and Georgia with Jonathan, Claire and Anna


Steve and Carol with Jesse, Ethan, Molly and Sophia


Brad and Jamie with Brielle, Brynn and Dawson


And Kristin and Dave with Madison, Kenzie and Ellie


Linda and Dave have been traveling all winter, and they just got home now! They’re only here for a short time though. Madison graduates down in Texas soon! 🙂




I could have stayed all evening, but I didn’t want their family evening to turn into all of the Pelli’s plus Brita Haapala. Lol.


But luckily,  I didn’t leave before this happened!! What a way to wrap up the day.


This was actually the same day that I took pictures of Phil and Mary’s former home in Laurium. The coolest thing happened that day that I didn’t find out about until months later! I already blogged this picture once. When I did, I was blogging Phil and Mary’s house, partly because it is so beautiful, and partly because I was hoping that I might be able to help it sell. The picture here is significant because when I took the photo, I didn’t even notice the 11:11. But the time 11:11 is totally my thing! I wish on it pretty much every single day, lots of time twice a day. I don’t wait for it, I just notice it when it’s there. Many, many, many times. Call me crazy, but I truly believe it works.

So months after this photo, I received an email from Gwen, Phil and Mary’s daughter, that the house sold on……you guessed it….November 11th. 🙂




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