Happy 2nd Birthday, Gemma!

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Gemma will blow out two candles today. What an age! Every day, she learns to say new things. And she has things to say, believe me! Her first sentence was, “Me is hungwy.” Aww…dolly. I took her into the kitchen and prepared her a feast. She says wowwy for sorry, and she apologizes a lot. She says everybody’s name but Claire’s. We all try to no avail to get her to say Claire. I personally think it’s because Claire is her 2nd mommy. She doesn’t call me Brita, right? She adores her siblings, following them around and demanding their attention all of the time. She loves Goldie and Bear on my phone. She hates hair bows. She can eat 3 eggs in one sitting in the morning. She really hates bedtime, and she’ll holler that she has a poopy diaper from her crib in order to get out. It worked once…

two years ago



at two months



her first winter


her first birthday


last year this time






Sisters are the best. Sophia has probably spent the most time babysitting Gemma. I hope they always stay this close.






She really seemed to switch from baby to big girl in January and February.




She was a pure delight at our hotel stay over Spring break.




I love watching her with Aliisa. She copies everything Aliisa does.




Well….almost everything.







She was so worried that Eddie didn’t have his sweatshirt on. She kept holding it like this and hollering his name. Poor girl. He just didn’t seem to care!




I did this summery photo shoot with the kids yesterday. We centered the shoot around Gemma’s adorable new outfit from @the dainty place. Check them out on etsy. The owner and creator, Clare, is super talented, creative and trendy. The lemon outfit here is extremely soft and comfy. Gemma is going to live in it this summer!



Patrick on the left, James on the right.




















Now today’s the big day. I’m off to bake a pink glittery cake, hang some streamers, and blow up some balloons. Party on!


And if you see this lovely lady today, Gemma’s auntie and namesake, Auntie Kyrstyn, give her a birthday hug from Gemma and I.


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  • Thanks for your kind words Brita ! I love all of them. Patrick and James sure look like they have some personality behind those bright smiles 🙂 so cute! Happy birthday Gemma !


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