our trip to Las Vegas

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Sometimes, I think about playing it cool. Las Vegas for 9 days? Yeah…no biggie. A new mini van? So, a lot of people have minivans. A repaired engagement ring after going with a bare finger for 2 years? Pshaw.

But since when has Brita played it cool?! I have to talk about it! It’s who I am.

Our Las Vegas trip was a dream. Since mine and Hans’ honeymoon, we have gotten away alone twice. Once to Green Bay for a weekend and once to Copper Harbor for a weekend. Las Vegas for over a week was unimaginable.

We started our getaway with a night at Tim and Maryellen’s house. I couldn’t get over their weather. Green grass??


Our layover was in Denver. How delightful, sitting and watching airplanes while munching on some Panda Express.


We flew into Las Vegas at night. I loved this part.


I stepped out of our hotel the next morning to be greeted by this view. It was 80 degrees out. A very “pinch me” moment.


When we got to Las Vegas the night before, we met up with Brian (Hans’ boss) and his wife Laura. They were our traveling partners for the week. It worked out great. By the end of the week, I felt like I had really gotten to know them and now have some new friends. We headed to the Con Expo that first day.


What a set up! It went on for acres and acres, the type of stuff that Hans and Brian love. Laura and I, on the other hand, got bored pretty quickly. 🙂






Running into Hans’ cousin was pretty cool. He lives up in Canada. Who imagined that we’d see him there? They’re the same age, and they haven’t seen each other for decades.



We ended up with perfect weather all week. 80’s and sunny.



It got dark early there. So our nighttime dinners were always after dark. The food! And the lights! What an enjoyable experience, date night after date night.



The Bellagio fountains are something to see. The water dances to music.




This picture stuck with me. So many people, so many phones, so much disconnect resulting from the invention of the internet connection. How was the artist even supposed to know what the man looked like? Let alone, the two of them actually conversing.




Another meaningful picture. A man with a phone, standing behind women with no faces in an empty store.


Laura and I made the wise decision of staying at the hotel the next day and sending the guys off on their merry way the ConExpo. Nice. So so nice.


We enjoyed more of the unbelievable sights that evening. The Venetian was my favorite hotel. That sky is fake!





This trip really was a 2nd honeymoon of sorts for us. On our way out of town, we picked up my repaired engagement ring from Keweenaw Gem and Gift. I had been without it for 2 years.


Brian and Laura are the same age as us. So cool.


We saw a wall that had 6 million M&M’s on it.


We went up to the top of the tower at the Stratosphere, where we were staying.


That ride was cool. I went on it the next day.


morning over the city


I did think a lot about the kids. They were in good hands, and the updates came in often, but as any mother would, I fretted. I took this picture here because it was the same moon that they could see.


Laura and I went to the top and did the rides the next day as the guys were once again at the Expo. We did all 3 of them. What a thrill!


a real Las Vegas wedding


Saturday took us to the Hoover Dam.


It was amazing. We did the guided tour that brought us was down into the pump rooms at the bottom.






Right up the guys’ alley.



I stood in Nevada and Arizona at the same time.



Laura’s awesome.



We spent the day on the road on Sunday. Destination: Antelope Canyon.


We drove through Zion National Park on the way there. It was grand and magnificent and huge and colorful and bigger than life.



We did the switchbacks up the canyon.






We made it to the Antelope Canyon as they were closing, but our wonderful guide, Rita, put in some overtime for us. Her sheep had to wait until we got a chance to see the canyon.







Rita knew that Laura and I would like the heart. She was right, we thought it was great.





an upside down feather



The sandstone was a lot like our sandstone at Brunette Park. You could break it easily. This is why the curvy walls exhist. The wind whistles through the canyon and shapes the walls.











Laura’s picture of all of us. We just loved Rita. She had a ton of interesting stories and history to tell.


These are the trucks that we drove in with, Rita’s and Brian’s.


We went to the Horseshoe Bend after the canyon. This was another place that I always wanted to visit, and I could not believe it when I looked at a map and discovered that they were only 15 minutes apart.


Laura took this picture of Brian taking a picture of Hans. lol. I was glad for Hans’ bravery. I couldn’t make myself go close enough to the edge for a picture of the whole Colorado River wrapping around the bend.


Here’s Hans’ picture.


There were a ton of people there. Hundreds. And brave people! They were so uncomfortably close to the edge. I could hardly stand it.


Brian and Laura were a whole lot braver than me.


(Laura’s picture) I actually crawled on my hands and knees to this location, and I wouldn’t let Hans join me. Ha!






We finished up that day with an outdoor experience at a BBQ. It was one of the best meals of the whole trip. The restaurant was a converted gas station. It was really neat, with top notch food and service. There were a couple of huge smokers right there smelling really good.


Another restaurant experience that was top notch was the Top of the World restaurant at our hotel. It was a revolving restaurant, and it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to make a full circle. We stayed long enough to go all the way around once.



The coffee! Mmmm


And the tiramisu in a chocolate mug…..I will never forget it.



We managed to fit 3 more events in on our last evening, the roller coaster around the sky scraper, the Body Exhibit and the Titanic Exhibit. All very cool.


Standing outside in the hot sun on our last morning was a bit of a roller coaster in itself. We were going home to our precious babes, what could be better? But the vacation was really one of the best experiences of my life. And it was over.



Hans took this picture as we flew over the Rockies on our way home. When we got the MN airport, we were operating on Nevada time. So their midnight felt like early evening to us. We were so anxious to get home to the kids, so we went for it. We drove through the night, taking turns and sleeping, and we pulled into Fulton at 8am. It took us days to normalize. My brother Joe told me to give each time zone one full day. Going on that theory, today is my first normal day.


And there it is, my new ring. <3

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  • Oh, so fun! I’m glad you had the opportunity for such a great trip!

  • Great pics! How wonderful for you and Hans!

  • Wow! Your writing and photos are so awesome! It was one heck of a memorable vacation with you and Hans! I loved getting to know you and Hans. The sights were so wonderful and we had so much fun! We are so happy that you and Hans enjoyed it as much as we did!

  • Awesome, so fun to see the pictures

  • So glad you shared so quickly! It sure looks like an awesome vacation!

  • There’s nothing quite like Vegas! So much to see and do in one city. What an awesome experience for you and your hubby to enjoy together! Really cool to see that you ventured out to see the incredible natural beauty in that part of the country too….breathtaking, isn’t it?

  • I’m going to share this post with Greg the next time he nixes my idea of going to Vegas. I keep telling him – there’s more to Vegas than just Vegas.

    And the crawl thing – TOTALLY ME. And for sure I wouldn’t let Greg join me either. Funny thing – I’ve gone up to Castle Rock both on my own and with my kids. If I go on my own, and it’s quiet up there – I can walk out. If my kids are with me – I have to crawl and they darn well better not be bickering, mocking or fake jumping.

  • A picture paradise in the Canyon. All the different textures and light effects. Then all the sights, lights and sounds of Las Vegas. Wonderfully exciting. Driving home to the family all night…so precious…Lake Superior will always carry it’s own special beauty and live inside our hearts forever…

  • You have a fantastic way of bringing us through your experience through beautiful pictures, great descriptions, and heartfelt thoughts.


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