the studio space that I’m using

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Before I found this space, I was setting up in my living room. I did have a small space in my backyard at one time, but we were bursting at the seams in our house, so we converted that space into sleeping space for the teenage boys. Matt used it before he moved out, and now David is enjoying it.

So since I gave up the backyard room, I was setting up in my living room. What an ordeal! I very much enjoyed having people over. But to get the family of 12 packed up and out the door, clean the whole place spotless, set up the backdrop and floor, and plan the meals around it, I started to wonder if it was worth the effort. Then, as if I wished upon a star, I went for a massage at my friend Gina’s new place one day last October, and I walked into this well lit, spacious room that stood empty and waiting for action. It’s the new Leo’s Building in Laurium. Jon and Melissa Schneiderhan own it, and they rent it out in two hour blocks. They’re great to work with. It was all too good to be true. Gina has her own room in the back, and the shop adjoining the space in wonderful. If you haven’t been there, go now! It is named Amora. It has all of your natural needs, all in the very best brand. You can get your magnesium, vitamin D, B12 and all of those other great things that are so good for you this time of year. They have tons to offer. You can find both The Leo’s Building and Amora on Facebook.


I have used the space ten times now, and I’ll be there again on Saturday. I have one more appointment open on Saturday, and I’m hoping still to fill the spot. I want to talk a little about pricing. I do minis there, unless I’m taking pictures of a newborn. Newborns can take up to 3 hours, and I keep them completely separate for that reason. But my minis are priced really cheap right now. I do it as a package, $100 for all of your pictures. You are in and out in a half hour. I either email you the photos or put them on a flash drive for you.

Jon and Melissa have a great idea. They want to have their building be a community support place. There are yoga and meditation classes there. You can rent it for parties. Because of this, I wanted to keep it community oriented too, and keep the prices affordable. I am charging about half of what other photographers that have my level of knowledge, experience, and equipment charge.


Here are a few pictures from what I have been up to:

This is Evan.




Evan’s dad is a drummer.



John and Betsy’s kids:








Tim and Krista’s kids:










Jax and Khloe



Marisa and her family <3




Gracie was nicknamed Joy by the nurses at the hospital where she was born.




Gina, my lovely friend and massage therapist came in with Helen


And Saima.



These two, Serenity and Bella, were dream clients.





Kevin and Lisa’s kids:






My favorite little one year old twins, Kinsley and Brooklyn, with their siblings, Olivia and Luke. Aliisa was here helping me this time, and she was so surprised when her classmate, Luke, walked in!






Jeff and Mandi with their cute kids.




Bella and Max just love little Mila.





Susan was so excited to get all of her family in one picture.




Joni and Brad with their cuties










My Eddie was there that day and clicked this photo of me. 🙂


Beautiful Chloe



Cute little Adalene




Matthew and Gavin


And their youthful parents.



And a couple of my kids and nieces and nephews. This is Aliisa and Gemma.


Katie and Keith’s children


Juli and Dan’s girls


Ms. Maezie


Ms. Abby


And Ms. Gemma


I have one spot still available on Saturday. You can text me at 906-369-2314 or email me at

This $100 offer will only take place in the winter months, December through May. Once I get busy with summer shoots, I simply won’t have time to fit this in too. I do have a couple of day in August that I do minis in my yard, if anyone is interested in that. It’s the same deal, $100 per person (half hour), with the files included. I shoot mostly seniors at this time, but families and babies are more than welcome. One of the mini days is already booked up.

Thank you, everyone, that came in to see me!



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