Allison and Jared

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Allison and Jared came from Minneapolis for her baby shower in Houghton a couple of weeks ago. I was excited when she contacted me to do a maternity shoot. They love it up here, where they both grew up.

I love Allison and Jared. I photographed their wedding on a Friday a few years ago. I still love their Friday wedding. It was cool.

The jar of confetti is the same confetti that they used to announce the sex of their baby at a little gender reveal party at their house in MN. They Facebook lived the event, so I was able to enjoy the news right along with everyone else. It was SO COOL. The bottle is from the day that Jared proposed to Allison. He put that note into that bottle for her to retrieve from the Portage Canal in this same exact location where I took this picture. They were on the dock of course, and we weren’t on it because of the snow, but same place.


Both of these pieces will decorate little Avery Kay’s bedroom.




I love that we went to the same spot where it all began.


They haven’t bought a ton yet for their dolly, but they did buy mini ballet slippers and the most adorable little onesie. Of course, her shower was later that same day, so I’m sure that now their pile of Avery belongings has grown quite a bit.



Allison was a dance coach at the Calumet Theatre when she was younger. She can’t wait to teach her daughter about her love for dance.




The Houghton County Courthouse is such a beautiful building.








It was a good day for pictures. I just missed another local photographer, Molly Jo, who came to this exact location with another couple.








We scaled a mountain of snow for this shot in front of the Ranger. I was glad we did.






Little Avery Kay is much anticipated by many. She’ll be loved, that’s for sure!



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