our summer vacation

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We spent a week in LacLabelle again last summer. It was our third year of renting this specific camp. We love it there SO SO much. We already have it rented for this upcoming summer for another week.


I actually had an evening alone with these two a couple nights before we headed out. Hans took the rest of the kids to…where else…LacLabelle to go fishing on his boat. I was feeling exhausted from photo shoots and kids’ schedules, so I stayed home with the babies. It was the hottest day of the summer. 8pm, and 90 degrees. So we did our baths in the yard.








I felt like I was missing out, because they had a beautiful experience out on the boat. They anchored out in the middle of Lake Superior and swam right off of the boat until the sun went down. But this…this quiet evening with my babies…..priceless.


We started our vacation with warm, warm weather.




Hans and I headed out on the boat that first evening with our oldest two and youngest three. It was nice.











The sunset was gorgeous.



Hans and Matt didn’t care about posing with their catch, so I took pictures of the boys with the fish when we got back.



We did a lot of sauna swimming out there.




baby Amy


Aliisa learned how to ride her two wheeler bike there!



The kids love the bonfires.


And the twisty stairs.



And the yummy treats.


the year of bottle flipping





Whenever I went for a swim, this was the view that welcomed me after my first dunk. They loved swimming with Mom.



My dad. <3



Patrick and Madelyn


Andrew and Amy…the oldest and youngest.


Aliisa loves having friends out there more than anything else.


Patrick and David. At this point, I thought I was sending Pat to kdg. I still get a little sad that these two won’t be in the same grade.


I love this. One of the boys asked James the other day who his favorite brother is. He said, without pausing, “Todd.”


Isabel. <3


Sophia, Maija, Molly, Leona


This picture was taken at about 5:30am. Hans’ boat is right in the middle of it, headed out to the big lake.


And their catch.






They love the ducks. There goes the bread!






The thimbleberries made for easy picking right along the roadside.






This is my favorite picture from the whole year of 2017. We have an addition on our house right now that is very close to being done. I think I’ll get a canvas of this to display in our new spot. <3


I love this part of the boating process. Hans is at the wheel, so he sends the boys (Sophia too if she’s around) out to get ready to dock. They dangle there on the edge with the ropes and whatnot, waiting for the boat to get close enough to safely make the jump. I love the trust that everyone has to place in each other to make it all go smoothly.





the well worn path to and from the sauna














The stars are something to behold out there in LacLabelle.


Some of us climbed up to the top of Mount Bohemia one evening.






This one is already in a canvas form. <3


This was our last evening. The weather was beautiful all week. Hans took the boys out for one last round on the boat, and Sophia and I took the littles to the store for ice cream and then over the Bete Gris.


For some strange reason, we didn’t bring suits.



Sophia took the camera from me for a while. I love what she captured!













I begged my blue eyed Charlie into letting me take his 8 year old pictures there by the boat before we left.






The weather continued to be gorgeous, so we headed out to South Bete Gris on Sunday for a picnic.


The water was so unbelievably warm. It was bath water, no exaggerating. Hans and I both swam a lot.





The kids had a sand castle contest.



Aliisa and Amanda’s <3



I was trying to capture that perfect crystal clean water here.





the yellow dress drying in the sun








David turned 17.


The weather was still gorgeously perfect the following week, so between photo shoots, we continued on with our fun.


This evening, we left Hans and a couple of boys in the bush outside of Eagle River picking thimbleberries, and we headed to Eagle River Beach for a sunset swim. (Chelsea and Aliisa)


Sophia and Trina













summer hair <3



Still the same week…there was another gorgeous sunset going down, and we just couldn’t resist. This time, we went to Great Sand Bay.









Those two little inner tubes came with us everywhere in 2016. The boys put them on almost every time they hopped in the water.





And to think I almost left my camera home.






Charlie is always the last one out. He loves the water more than anyone I know.


Hans and I snuck out for ice cream on our anniversary after a double photo shoot day.


Where we ran into these characters. Claire had taken them to the beach.


It amazes me how much we do in the summer. It especially amazes me when I look back in the quiet winter months. HOW do we fit all of that in?? In this particular week after LacLabelle, I did 4 photo shoots, two weddings (the two Saturdays framing the week), and we went to the beach 4 times. Then, that Sunday, we had a one day Eskola reunion at McLains. It was a fun and lovely blur. I got left thinking about this, why I pack the kids up and head out whenever there is an extra sliver of time. I think I do this so that my mind can completely unwind and reset, away from the dishes, away from the computer, away from the messy house and piles of endless work. It’s a crazy time of year, but deliciously wonderful. I can’t wait for this coming summer. Our thimbleberry jam is just about gone.

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  • There’s nothing quite like a Copper Country summer! You capture the essence of Lake Superioe so well. Bath water, not exaggerating…that’s what my mom says almost every time I call her in the summertime, haha!

    • I love that me and your mom both say the exact same thing. Hilarious!

  • I love this post!!! So many great, artistic photos, but even better, so many great summer memories captured!

    I often fall into the habit of leaving my camera put away during the summer, because it’s just so much extra work to edit your own summer photos when you have so many client sessions to take care of. But ahhhh, your own captured memories are priceless! And the fact that we often don’t get to them until the dead of winter once we’ve finished up everything else, well, that almost makes it better, because then we treasure those captured moments that much more!

    Thanks so much for sharing these!

    • Thanks for commenting! I get how you leave the camera behind. I take it every time I go because there might be that magical sunset or priceless candid moment. I think to myself that I’ll take it just in case. And more often than not, I find magical moments that need photographing. 🙂

  • Beautiful Brita! Makes me absolutely hungry for summer and all the color…. At this time of year these pictures hit me in the chest.

  • Awesome memories. Such cool pictures, love the boat and stars


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