our color season adventure

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I went with Jana, my niece and fellow photographer, up into the Keweenaw this Fall. We brought along Sam, Sophia, and Sophia’s friends.


We went to an abandoned academy. It was poignant to be there, a reminder that our county really doesn’t have much going for it. There was a lot of hope for the academy, and to see the grown in ballfield and basketball court was a reminder of how things didn’t turn out.


Pretty much every window in the whole place is shattered. Kids have had their fun.


We pulled out our cameras for some fun pictures after our sobering tour.



Jana got them going in some fun poses.


Here we are, me and Jana, posing for the camera. 🙂




The girls are hilarious.



Some of the graffiti is beyond cool.







Before this place was an academy, it was an air base. This structure had a huge bubble on it.


The colors were just gorgeous that evening. The tip of land in the background is the same tip of land that people take pictures of from Bare Bluff.




me and my kids <3






And last, but not least, we had some fun with these colorful smoke things. They didn’t disappoint.











We had a good laugh over Trina in this photo. She was super animated in all of them, but this caught her to be completely out of it. Ha!







And here are some of Jana’s photos from the evening:










I always laugh at the difference in what girls bring to a shoot compared to what boys bring.


Pure joy. Adventuring. Shooting. Spending time with my kids and friends.



Til next time, Jana! Thanks for showing me this place.



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