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When I started a photography blog, I decided that I would blog every single session that I ever do. It would keep me from having to decide who should be blogged or not. And I kept the blogging up from 2009 until 2015. Every. Single. Session. Then, in 2015, I started to get my feet wet with different projects: photography weekends, winter weddings, and selling nature prints. And the blogging lagged. But, in my thorough manner, I kept a list on my Trello site of all of the sessions that I had yet to blog. Every once in a while, I’d find the time to catch up on a few posts, but then I got lapped in October. Meaning that I was that behind. I was a whole year behind on blogging sessions ( besides a few here or there). I had a hard time letting it go! I enjoyed the blogging. But. The to do list of sessions just kept growing and growing, and at some point, the long list just wasn’t any fun any more. So I made the decision not to do a whole big blog post of every single session that I ever have done.

But. I just have to do one of Hannah. I took her pictures back in the Fall of 2015. Hannah is from Texas, but her grandparents live right next door to me. We did the pictures in their beautiful backyard.

Jason and Greta weren’t sure how it would go, and they were so happy to see her smiles come out.


It was a beautiful Fall day.



She was fairly new at walking between her mom and dad at that time. How fun to get some pictures of it.



Her adoration for her parents was heart melting.









I was excited that it warmed up enough to show off her dark hair in some of the pictures.







Thank you so much, Greta and Jason, for introducing your little love to me. Her session is one of my all time favorites.

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  • Oh, Hannah. You are priceless! Brita, you captured her perfectly.

  • Oh, is she cute.

  • She is so adorable<3


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