my 3rd photography weekend

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I’m planning my 3rd photography weekend and the excitement is setting in. It’ll (probably) be on the first weekend of May, the 5-th-7th. There is a chance it’ll be on the April 22nd weekend instead.

We’ll be doing much the same as we’ve done the last two times. Two nights, Holly’s great food, tons of fun visiting, and photography photography photography.

The difference with this one will be that it will be exclusionary to the beginners. We won’t be talking about running an actual photography business at all. It’ll be all about how to work your cameras and how to do basic editing.


I’d like to focus (no pun intended) on teaching you about low fstops and focal points and how to make a picture really interesting by focusing on the shoes.


Or the dress. The problem is, I can’t decide if I like the shoes or dress one better. 🙂


And I’d like to explore black and white vs. color.




And how crouching down to the level of the subject makes a big difference.


But that rule is meant to be broken too.


This dolly is her favorite. She calls her Abby. I love her expression here. Protecting the baby from those brothers.


I’ll teach about what the lens lengths mean. This is a typical 50mm shot.



checking to see if they’re all tucked in safe


This is a bit wider, more of a 35mm length.



And this is an 85mm length.


James was generous enough to borrow “Panda” to us for the shoot. This was a big deal. He takes Panda and Tigey Wigey to bed with him every night.


Back inside, Gemma enjoyed some bread and jam with milk.


If you’d like to learn more about fstops (aperature), focal lengths (lenses), focus points, ISO’s, white balance, and shutter speed, this weekend is for you. Also, a bit of editing.


Let me know if you’d like to sign up by texting me at 906-369-2314 or emailing me at


I have to share a little bit more about James and his animal friends. Panda came from Keweenaw Consignment not too long ago, so he’s pretty new on the scene. But Tigey Wigey was won in the fishing game two years ago at the Houghton County Fair, and he has been treasured ever since then. Not a night goes by that he goes to bed without Panda and Tigey Wigey. One night, he woke up in the middle of the darkness to discover that Tigey Wigey was missing. He came down and woke me up (3am) with his news. I had him climb into bed with Hans and I and told him we’d find Tigey Wigey in the morning.  Sure enough, there was the poor tiger all tangled up in his blankets the next morning. The next evening, he was up in his bed with his little stuffed tiger tucked safely next to him, and Aliisa overheard him telling the tiger, “Now don’t fall down that crack, cause you could prolly get stuck.” Sweetheart.


Here he was, the next morning, sharing his Rice Krispies with Tigey Wigey.




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