our December and January

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This is for the family to look back on in later years. It’ll probably put most of you to sleep. 🙂


We literally had 2 days of pond use this year. 2 days. We usually get about 5 weeks out of it before we succumb to the snow. This year, they had 2 magical days of grass and ice, and then the snow came roaring in and just never quit. We broke the all time record for snowfall in December, and January was no different until 3 days ago.


Eddie was more than happy to be the ice tester that day. The date was November 21st.


Patrick really enjoyed the pond the next day when everyone was in school.


And James.


We had all of our children over for a nice Thanksgiving dinner, along with my parents and some brothers. <3


Our tree went up early in the month of December, and we had our annual Christmas Coke and candy kiss cookie party.


I had the kids involved in taking these pictures. We had fun.


Sophia’s shot






This is Nick. Nick and Rose have become a huge part of our December. I enjoy the whole thing a lot, maybe as much as the kids.



Nathan’s gingerbread man, Sophia’s red and green mitten, my red, green and white mitten


Steve and Andrea’s Duke and Fynn came over for a quick photo shoot.



It was nice to have them home from Texas for the holidays.




We finally got a chance to see Santa on Christmas Eve. James asked for a red fire truck.


Patrick explained his wish of a side by side. Santa didn’t have time to deliver one on such a short notice, but that was ok.


Gemma was outta there before she began.



the Sunday School kids before our program



And a few pictures from our Eskola Christmas Party on Christmas Eve.



Claire took most of these pictures.








We enjoyed a slide show of some earlier Christmases.


This was literally on the eve of Christmas morning, right before she went to bed.


When James opened his fire truck, he said, “It’s red AND white!”








We headed to Michael and Jill’s in Duluth the day after Christmas.


Pretty much everyone in Hans’ family showed up. (we missed you, Janelle and Keith!)


They had 55 overnight guests. It was a riot.









Little Levi didn’t appreciate being in the picture. 🙂




The littles really wanted to pose with their presents before we took the tree down.





Hans and I took Eddie to the Hut on his 11th birthday.




And some January/snow pictures.

















I’ve already been outside more this winter than I was for the whole winter season combined last year. The difference is that Gemma loves it outside. She loved rocking and nursing last winter, so I did that all year. It was nice, but this is better. It feels so good to be up and at it.


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